KG Funds was established as a partnership in 2008. After almost a decade and a half of successful operation as a Hedge Fund, the Fund has transitioned to being the single family office of Ike Kier and the manager of two special purpose vehicles. The Fund’s goal is to generate significant risk-adjusted returns by investing in companies that boast innovative technologies, implement innovative strategies, or make a significant social impact. Our investment decisions are guided by thorough research and strong relationships. It is through this research that we are able to truly understand and back the companies and their products/services.

Our focus is on long-term capital growth. Short-term fluctuations are expected, especially with new technologies. We will not let volatility drive our investments. Instead, we will rely on our research.

We are a collaborative team that always seeks to act with transparency and integrity. We believe that our diligent investment selection process coupled with our code of conduct will bring us great success.